I have been using JESS for some time as a rule-system for representing
states in a game (relational reinforcement learning), such that the state of
the game can be represented in terms of objects. An agent uses these states
and a decision making process (in this case defqueries to resolve rules in
conditions -> action form). Because games are very dynamic environments, the
state is constantly changing. I am currently handling this by resetting the
state and reasserting the facts of the state (then running to generate any
further facts that rules generate).

My question is: is JESS the best rule-system to use for this task? I know
JESS has the property of only generating facts once, but if the state is
constantly being reset, perhaps some other system would be more effective.
JESS certainly gets the job done, and I haven't really tested anything else,
but I am concerned with the speed of execution, but perhaps this is simply
due to the fact that I am using this relational representation.

- Thanks, Sam Sarjant

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