Hi Ernest:
I came across a strange "feature" of Jess as a result of a typing error.
It appears as though Jess uses dynamic scoping -- any variables defined in a 
are visible in any functions called by the RHS of the rule.
I looked for references to this in the book and the manual but couldn't find 
Is this the expected behaviour? (This is just a curiosity question.)

(deftemplate person "" (slot name) (slot age))

(deffacts initialFacts
 (person (name bill) (age 20))
 (person (name will) (age 25))
 (person (name dill) (age 25))
 (person (name jill) (age 22)) )

(defrule findOldest
    ?f <- (person (age ?max))
    (not (person (age ?less&:(> ?less ?max))))
    (my-function) )

(deffunction my-function ()
    (printout t crlf "Processing fact " (?f toString) crlf)
    (printout t crlf "Max age is " ?max crlf)
    (printout t crlf "Max age is " ?f.age crlf crlf) )


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