You need not worry about the object fields you don't care about when
matching the "unit" fact in a rule. By definition, only slots used in the
pattern matter; all others are literally "don't care".


On 11 November 2011 04:57, Hunter McMillen <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>  I am trying to match the lhs of a rule using a template that has 112
> slots that is defined from a Java class.
>  Here is the template definition (from show-deftemplates):
>  (deftemplate MAIN::unit
>             "$JAVA-OBJECT$ eisbot.proxy.model.Unit"
>             (declare (from-class eisbot.proxy.model.Unit)))
> Now every time that I encounter a unit object in my application I define
> an instance of the unit to Jess from Java:
> engine.defclass("unit", "eisbot.proxy.model.Unit", null, true); (I only do
> this the first time)
> Unit unit = //retrieve a unit
> engine.definstance("unit", unit, false);
> All of this above is working as it should be, but now when I try to match
> a unit in a rule I am having trouble:
> String unitSeen = "(defrule unitSeen " +
>                           "(unit (ID ?id) (typeID ?typeID)) " +
>                           "=> " +
>                           "(printout t \"Unit seen with ID: \" ?id crlf))";
> engine.executeCommand(unitSeen);
> The problem is that the Unit class has 112 attributes, I am only listing
> two ID and typeID, and there are probably only another handful that I care
> about and need to use. Is there any way to ignore the rest of the slots in
> the template, matching only on a few slots?
> Goal:
> The main goal of what I am trying to is that when I encounter a Unit in my
> game application, I want to assert that unit object to Jess as a fact, then
> match rules on the existence of a Unit. Right now I only want to match on
> the existence of ANY unit, but later on the matches will be more specific.
> Any help would be most appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Hunter McMillen

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