Hi everyone,

I am trying to use an enum from one of my Java classes inside of Jess. I
read a forum post that said I could use the (import <enum-name>) feature to
import enums into Jess, but that only seems to work when the enum is itself
in a separate file.

I have a class called UnitType, inside of it there is a public enum called
UnitTypes where all of the UnitTypes in my game are listed. In Java to
access this I would use UnitType.UnitTypes.<Element_in_enum> to get to the

When I try this in Jess however, I get an error:
*Rete engine = new Rete();*
*engine.executeCommand("(import eisbot.proxy.types.UnitType.UnitTypes)");*

an error occurs,* "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

I am curious as to how I could go about accessing an enum that is inside of
a Java class from Jess.

any help would be appreciated.

Hunter McMillen

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