That "create$" call is creating a list with one element, the ArrayList. 
Iterating over the Jess list returns just the ArrayList - not what you want.

In recent versions of Jess, the "foreach" function actually knows about 
Iterators and the like, so you can iterate over the ArrayList directly:

(foreach ?u (?bwapi getMyUnits) (printout t (?u toString) crlf))

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Subject: JESS: [EXTERNAL] Iterate over a Java List in Jess

Is there anyway to iterate over a Java List object from Jess?

I have a Java object that I store in a Jess variable:

engine.getGlobalContext().setVariable("bwapi", new Value(bwapi));

one of the methods that can be called on bwapi returns a Java ArrayList, and I 
would like to be able to iterate over this list to check certain properties of 
its elements.

Right now I am doing this:

engine.executeCommand("(bind ?units (create$ =(?bwapi getMyUnits)))");
engine.executeCommand("foreach ?u ?units (printout t ?u crlf))");

but when the units are supposed to be printed all I get is:


Any ideas?

Hunter M

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