Jess is involved here, but this is not a Jess problem per se. As the error
message says, a third-party Jess script called a Java method
"loadOWLResource" in some third-party code, and that Java method threw an
exception. Jess, in turn, throws an exception to report this. The Jess
exception object makes the third-party exception available via the
Throwable.getCause() method, but based on the below it looks like the
third-party code in which Jess is embedded is not calling that method and
reporting the root cause exception.

So in any case, Jess is doing everything it's supposed to do here; the
fault lies with the various other pieces of software you're using, so
you'll want to talk to those vendors to help you figure out what's wrong.

On 3/4/12 5:32 PM, "Faten" <> wrote:

>My goal is to test an example with the algorithm "OWL-S Matcher".
>I created a folder: "BravoAirService" under the folder examples ".
>Then I put in the folder: "BravoAirService" the following files:
>BravoAirService.owl, BravoAirGrounding.owl, BravoAirProcess.owl,
>Now I want to run "".
>The interface "OWL-S Matching Interface" is displayed. I click "Open
>Requested File".
>I did not understand exactly the path to choose in my case.
>I tried with the path of : "BravoAirService.owl".
>and also I tried writing this path:
>"http://localhost:80/BravoAirService/BravoAirService.owl";  and
>writing the path: 
>But nothing happens and in console I get:
>Exception in thread "Thread-3" OWLJessKBError:
>Error running rete to apply semantics
>Jess reported an error in routine call
>       while executing (call ?*owljesskb* loadOWLResource ?x FALSE)
>       while executing deffunction loadOWL
>       while executing (loadOWL ?import)
>       while executing defrule MAIN::owl-imports-ontologies.
>  Message: Called method threw an exception.
>       at
>       at 
>       at 
>       at de.tuberlin.ivs.owl.matching.Reasoner.loadOwlFile(
>       at de.tuberlin.ivs.owl.service.OwlsParser.parse(
>       at
>Please have you any idea about my problem?
>Thank you in advance.
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