Hi everyone,

I've a freshly installed 64bit Ubuntu and the latest Eclipse (Indigo 64 bit
for Linux). I have transfered my Java + Jess code from a windows machine
and tried running it and came across two problems:

1) Whenever I want to open a .clp file in the Jess Editor in Eclipse,
Eclipse crashes/exits.

2) My code runs fine, except that the rules don't fire at all. Facts are
asserted into the WM, my file with rules loads up fine but then none of the
rules fire.

Has any of you experienced something like this on a 64bit Linux? Or maybe
there is somebody who has it running on such an OS without any problems?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Attached is the eclipse log file - comes from a fresh copy of Eclipse,
newly created project with just one .clp file added.

Best regards,

Przemyslaw (Pete) Woznowski, PhD candidate
Email: p.r.woznow...@cs.cardiff.ac.uk
Room C/2.06, Desk 8
Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics,
Cardiff University,
Queen's Buildings,
5 The Parade, Roath,
Cardiff, CF24 3AA, UK

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