Invent * Innovate * Implement at IntelliFest!

Dear Jess User Group Members,

You are cordially invited to attend this year's IntelliFest: Intenational
Conference on Reasoning Technologies <http://intellifest.org>, October
22-26, at the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA. IntelliFest is the next
evolution beyond Rules Fest, and the premier conference for developers who
use applied AI.

This year, we're offering a dual track format featuring a new
business/managerial track in addition to our core developer/technical
track.  Our keynotes feature Dr. Douglas Lenat, the originator of the Cyc
Project and CEO of Cycorp.  Our boot camps are back with a full day of
hands-on Drools, and we're adding a whole day-long session on rules
technologies in Healthcare led by Dr. David Sottara and Dr. Emory Fry.

For all the information, go to our website:  http://intellifest.org  and
please contact us at i...@intellifest.org if you have any questions.

**** Special Offer For Jess User Group **Members ****

Use the code *IF2012_4_JESSUSERS* when you register and receive 10% off
your total invoice!

Hope to see you there!

*Jason C. Morris*
President, Principal Consultant
Morris Technical Solutions LLC
President, Rules Fest Association
Chairman, IntelliFest 2012: International Conference on Reasoning
phone: +01.517.376.8314
skype: jcmorris-mts
email: consult...@morris-technical-solutions.com
mybio: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jcmorris

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