Jess doesn't care, being a pure Java library. The 32 vs 64-bit question
depends entirely on your own machine's architecture, and then the proper
Eclipse distribution depends on what sort of code you intend to write: for
example, the RCP/RAP developer package is for people who are writing
Eclipse plugins, while "Eclipse Classic" is a good all around distribution
for general Java programming.

On 10/9/12 7:05 PM, "Grant Rettke" <> wrote:

>There are different version numbers, distribution types (eg for java,
>for C/C++, for...), and 32 or 64 bit.
>For Jess 7 users, what combination do you prefer?
>I'm going to set it up for the first time and would like to avoid the
>usual Eclipse headaches! :)
>Best wishes,

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