Curious about running Jess on Android I first read up and found the
issues with JavaBeans on Android. Geez, yuck!

Wondered if there was already a legal alternative implementation of
those beans maybe from Harmony, Classpath, or OpenJDK.

GNU Classpath is GPL but gives a linking exception so a port of
java.beans to a new namespace might work:

Harmony is Apache licensed so you can link it with commercial software
as long as you give attribution:

And there is already a port here: https://code.google.com/p/openbeans/

OpenJDK is the most mainstream open implementation backed by Oracle
among others. It has the classpath same GNU Classpath exception on
linking: http://openjdk.java.net/faq/

OpenJDK seems like the best bet to me.

Not sure how best to proceed but as a developer myself I would like to
volunteer to:
1. Port OpenJDK's java.beans
2. Find as many test suites as possible utilizing java.beans to
include here to test it.
3. Put it on github or something.
4. Possibly test out migrating Jess source code (I would need to get a license).
5. Test out Jess on it on a pc.
6. Test out Jess on it on android.

Not sure whether other folks are interested in this or not but if so
please reply so we can coordinate our efforts.

Best wishes,

Grant Rettke | ACM, AMA, COG, IEEE
gret...@acm.org | http://www.wisdomandwonder.com/
Wisdom begins in wonder.
((λ (x) (x x)) (λ (x) (x x)))

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