Are you adding non-value classes to the list yourself, or is this just with the 
small number of default listings?

This method will get called when you evaluate the hash code of a Java object in 
the Rete memory; this will happen often during pattern matching. There's 
actually enough room to cache the hash code in the members of the Value class 
that are unused for Java object values, so we could try that as a performance 
improvement.  Do you have a source license, so I could send you a patch to try?

From: <Nguyen>, Son Nguyen 
Reply-To: jess-users 
Date: Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:04 AM
To: jess-users 
Subject: JESS: [EXTERNAL] Jess in a multithreaded environment

Hi Jess experts,

We use Jess in a multi-threaded environment and have experienced some 
performance degradation when going from a single thread to multiple threads.

Our implementation uses the Slot Specific feature.

Using a Java profiler, HashCodeComputer.isValueObject() stood out as one of the 
main contributing factors, if not the most likely,  to the degradation

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