Hello Horatio,

I'm out of town right now but can address this next week when I return. There 
are a couple of issues ... 1 . I have to review things and think about this 
2. I have to see if I can get the source code released to you (been working on 
this for a long time but some progress has been made recently).

Bob Orchard

On 2013-03-09, at 8:13 AM, Horacio Paggi wrote:

> Dear Sirs:
> In the docs attached to the FuzzyJess Toolkit it is mentioned the use of 
> certainty factors in the rules' specifications.   As long as I understand, to 
> allow the  processing of the rules, these values should be static in order to 
> be be determined prior the execution of any rule. However, it's very luring 
> to have VARIABLE  CFs so they can be changed automatically as long the system 
> is used (so it learns in some way).  Do you think that this is possible?In 
> your opinion, what would be the required effort  to implement this change? 
> I'm asking this because I have to mentor a degree student, in his final 
> engineering project (comprising a whole year) and I was thinking in yo have 
> him implement it and build a brief application of the  modified FuzzyJess, 
> but I do not want to overwhelm him.
> Thank you in advance for your advice,
> Horacio Paggi

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