I’m currenly trying to link the actions of rules to the possible execution of 
other rules.
Now I was wondering if anybody has any ideas how this can be done?

I’ve already succeeded in reading out the actions and the conditions, but when 
looking at the current results I can only see the following thing:  (piece of 
output of the loaded miss manners benchmark)

- Rule: MAIN::continue
- Number of conditions [1]:
-- MAIN::Context
- Number of actions [1]:
modify ?f1 state "assign_seats"

- Rule: MAIN::find_Seating
- Number of conditions [7]:
-- MAIN::Context
-- MAIN::Seating
-- MAIN::Guest
-- MAIN::Guest
-- MAIN::Count
-- not
-- not
- Number of actions [5]:
assert <Fact--1>
assert <Fact--1>
assert <Fact--1>
modify ?f5 c (+ ?c 1)
modify ?f1 state "make_path"

The problem I’m encountering is the part of the “assert <Fact—1>”.

Does anybody know how to extract the exact fact it’s going to produce + how I 
could possible find out what rules can be executed after the actions of a rule 
have been executed?

Thanks in advance

Tom DC

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