I am concerned with the at least two different ways in which you can add,
to working memory, facts that are instances of from-class deftemplates.
Lets say I have:

(deftemplate FC (declare (from-class FC)))

I can add a shadow fact like this:

(bind ?fc (new FC))
(add ?fc)

This is the general approach described in Section 5.3.2 of the Jess manual.
But I can also simply go like:

(assert (FC))

I guess in this case I do not get a shadow fact, since the OBJECT slot is

So, my question is: if my facts are not supposed to be changed from Java
code, is there any difference in using each of these approaches?
Section 5.3 from the Jess manual does not even mention that instances of
from-class deftemplates can be created using the second approach above.



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