By "indexed field" do you mean slot values? I don't use any Java objects other 
than simple primitives (Integer, Float, Boolean, String). I've looked at all my 
calls to the Value constructor.


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It's an internal consistency check. Usually it means that a non-value class (a 
class whose identity, defined by hashCode()/equals(), changes during a run) is 
being used in an indexed field. Look at this section of the manual and see if 
you can use it to fix the problem:

In the past, very rarely, this message indicated a bug in Jess. I don't think 
this will be the case here - I think any bugs that trigger this assert were 
found and fixed long ago.

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Subject: JESS: [EXTERNAL] Corrupted Negcnt Error

During a run I started getting the error

Jess reported an error in routine NodeNot2.tokenMatchesRight
        while executing rule LHS (Node2)
        while executing rule LHS (TECT).
  Message: Corrupted Negcnt (< 0) .

Any idea what this means?


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