Hi Daniel,

Closing a QueryResult doesn't really do anything important; normal garbage 
collection will free all of its resources.

I used Google to see if there was a standard Jess/Matlab integration that I 
didn't know about, but I didn't find one; I'm afraid I don't know anything 
about how Jess and Matlab are typically used together. Jess does "warm up" for 
a few iterations if run repeatedly with the same rules - i.e., "(reset)" won't 
necessarily get you back to the same memory usage as before the first run - but 
this levels off quickly. It would be a good idea to run a heap analyzer tool to 
see what kind of objects are being leaked; that might give us a clue as to 
what's happening.

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I am experiencing a memory leak problem in a Matlab-Jess application and I am 
trying to locate the leak. I came across the definition of the close() method 
of the QueryResult class. I have never called this method after using queries.

1) Should I call close() after using a query?
2) Could not calling close() be the cause of the leak?

If not, I would appreciate any tips on typical causes of leaks in Matlab-Jess 

Thanks in advance,


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