Dear Doctor Orchar,

Hi my name is Martin Rodriguez and Im studen of engineering. As final
project Im developing a system with Jade, Jess and fuzzy jess.
The purpose of the system is to provide medical diagnosis.
Thats why i needed a rules based system with backward chaining, and I
choose Jess.

Well, my problem is when I begin to use FuzzyJ on my Jess files.

I send you as an attachment, a short file with the code complete.

My first problem occurs when I write the next rule:

*(defrule intensidad_tos*
* (declare (auto-focus TRUE))*
*        (check diagnostico-b)*
*        (answer (ident fuzzy_tos) (text ?ht&:(fuzzy-match ?ht
*        (assert (tos (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyValue ?*fuzzyTos*
this code does not even compile and send me the next error message:

*Jess reported an error in routine ReteCompiler.addRule.**  Message: Can't
use funcalls in backchained patterns text.*

Well, my next and last problem is when I remove de line * (answer (ident
fuzzy_tos) (text ?ht&:(fuzzy-match ?ht "secaContinua"))) *on the rule
before, and I replace with
*(answer (ident fuzzy_tos) (text 5)).*
I response with a number 5 and the rule asserts the *tos FuzzyValue. *That
trigger the next rule:

*(defrule intensidad_dolor_cabeza*
* (declare (auto-focus TRUE))*
*        (check diagnostico-b)*
*        (tos ?t&:(fuzzy-match ?t "secaContinua"))*
*        (answer (ident fuzzy_dolor_cabeza) (text 5))*
*        (assert (dolor_de_cabeza (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyValue
?*fuzzyDolorCabeza* "intenso")))*
but when this rule trigger, send me the next error:

*Jess reported an error in routine fuzzy-match*
* while executing (fuzzy-match ?t(0,0,0) "secaContinua")*
* while executing rule LHS (MTEQ)*
* while executing rule LHS (MTELN)*
* while executing rule LHS (TECT)*
* while executing (assert (interview::tos (new nrc.fuzzy.FuzzyValue
?*fuzzyTos* "secaContinua")))*
* while executing defrule interview::intensidad_tos.*
*  Message: Error during execution.*
Please, I send you the clp file complete on the attachment, and if you can
help me I'll be very grateful, because Im stuck with this problem.
Thanks again for your time!!


Martin Rodriguez

Attachment: Motor_Diagnostico_General.clp
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