Thank you for this tip. It is not what I am trying to achieve, however. I must 
apologize if my original email was misunderstood.

My goal is to write a rule that would fire for any 'bag-of-items' fact whose 
item names, as listed in a multislot, are all represented by 'item' facts. The 
rule should not fire if one or more of these items are absent from the fact 

        (item (name A))
        (item (name B))
        (bag-of-items (item-names A))
        (bag-of-items (item-names A B))
        (bag-of-items (item-names A B C))

In this example the two first 'bag-of-items' facts would fire my hypothetical 
rule, while the third would not, because there is no 'item' fact with name C.

The 'forall' approach suggested by M. Friedman-Hill is quite close to this, 
however it seems that the rule will fire only if _all_ the 'bag-of-items' facts 
have all of their items represented by facts. I.e., in my example above it 
would not fire until I remove the third bag-of-items fact. Once again, it is 
close but no cigar.


On Jul 30, 2013, at 10:54 AM, "Jason Morris" <> wrote:

> Another "old skool" way of doing it using predicate constraints is...
> (clear)
> (deftemplate item (slot name))
> (deftemplate bag-of-items (multislot item-names))
> (defrule fire-for-all-members-in-bag
>  ; If you have a bag of item names ...
>  (bag-of-items (item-names $?item-names))
>  ; and there is an item whose name is member of this bag ...
>  ?item <-(item (name ?name&:(member$ ?name $?item-names)))
> =>
>  ; ...then do something interesting
>  (printout t ?name " is in the bag!" crlf))
> ;; Program
> (reset)
> (assert (item (name A)))
> (assert (item (name B)))
> (assert (item (name C)))
> (assert (bag-of-items (item-names A B C)))
> (run)
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> Morris Technical Solutions LLC
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