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The trouble with bsave after executing a defquery appears to happen when serializing the Map Context.m_variables in Rete.m_globalContext: at this point in the script, the map holds the QueryResult variable ?qr:

    (bind ?qr (run-query* all-cars))

Hence, if I execute

    (bind ?qr "not a QueryResult")

before the 2nd bsave, then the script runs without error. Could QueryResult be made Serializable? Revised script and results below. Thanks again,

                        Jonathan Sewall

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Date:   Sun, 29 Sep 2013 18:04:11 -0400
From:   Jonathan Sewall <sew...@cs.cmu.edu>
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Contents of script.clp:

(deftemplate car (slot make) (slot model))
(defquery all-cars "Get all cars." ?car <- (car))
(defquery cars-of-make "Get cars of the given make." (declare (variables ?want-make)) ?car <- (car (make ?m&:(= ?m ?want-make))))
(bind ?pickup (assert (car (make "Ford") (model "F100"))))
(bind ?sedan (assert (car (make "Honda") (model "Civic"))))
(bind ?suv (assert (car (make "Ford") (model "Explorer"))))
(printout t "*** Before 1st bsave ***" crlf)
(printout t "globalContext " (((engine) getGlobalContext) toString) crlf)
(bsave "s1.bsave")
(bind ?qr (run-query* all-cars))
(while (?qr next) (bind ?car (?qr getObject "car")) (printout t (?car toString) crlf))
(?qr close)
(printout t "*** Before 2nd bsave ***" crlf)
(printout t "globalContext " (((engine) getGlobalContext) toString) crlf)
;; (bind ?qr "not a QueryResult") ;; uncomment to make script run ok
(bsave "s2.bsave")


$ java -cp lib/jess.jar jess.Main

Jess, the Rule Engine for the Java Platform
Copyright (C) 2008 Sandia Corporation
Jess Version 7.1p2 11/5/2008

Jess> (batch "script.clp")
*** Before 1st bsave ***
globalContext [Context, 3 variables: pickup=<Fact-1>;sedan=<Fact-2>;suv=<Fact-3>;]
(MAIN::car (make "Ford") (model "F100"))
(MAIN::car (make "Honda") (model "Civic"))
(MAIN::car (make "Ford") (model "Explorer"))
*** Before 2nd bsave ***
globalContext [Context, 5 variables: car=<Java-Object:jess.Fact>;pickup=<Fact-1>;sedan=<Fact-2>;suv=<Fact-3>;qr=<Java-Object:jess.QueryResult>;]
Jess reported an error in routine bsave
        while executing (bsave "s2.bsave")
        while executing (batch "script.clp").
  Message: IO Exception.
  Program text: ( bsave "s2.bsave" )  at line 17 in file script.clp.

Nested exception is:
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