Well, I was able to fix the issue for Weblogic, but I'm not sure if it
is a good fix.  I traced through some Weblogic classes to find that
internally they are trying to cast to a Weblogic implementation of
HttpServletResponse instead of using the interface itself.  The quick
fix is to comment out these three lines (near line 170) in
StrutsPortlet that use the EmptyHttpServletResponseImpl:

            if (rd != null)
//                if (actionRequest) {
//                    res = new EmptyHttpServletResponseImpl();
//                }
                if (pageURL != null)
                    req.setAttribute(StrutsPortlet.PAGE_URL, pageURL);
                req.setAttribute(StrutsPortlet.REQUEST_TYPE, requestType);
                    rd.include(new PortletServletRequestWrapper(servletContext,
                            req, query_string), res);
                } catch (ServletException e)

I'm not sure what EmptyHttpServletResponseImpl is trying to do, so
there is probably a better fix to be found.

After this, I then got farther in the struts-demo, but came upon a jsp
compile error that was looking for a taglib class in the struts-demo. 
The classes were in the Mailreader demo on the struts website, so I
just extracted the struts-example.war into the struts-demo without
overwriting any of the struts-demo files.  Now the struts-demo works!

I just wanted to post my results in order to help anyone else who
tries to get the struts-demo working in Weblogic.

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