Hi, I'm new to Jetty and I'm using Jetty 9.2.2 in my project. While reading 
through the 9.2.10 documentation (can't find 9.2.2) on Configuring a 
 I was confused by the section where it says:

You can also configure it to check the properties file regularly for changes 
and reload when changes are detected. The reloadInterval is in seconds

At first I got NoSuchMethodError, so I checked the 9.2.18 Javadoc for 
HashLoginService (can't find 9.2.2) and the method name turns out to be 
 additionally, the argument should be in milliseconds, not seconds.

I then took a look at the most current 
 and while the method name still does not match, the Javadoc for 
 now takes seconds (per documentation) - and it's also deprecated in favor of 

So now I'm just a bit confused and would like confirmation if there's an API 
change between 9.2.x and 9.3.x for HashLoginService and if the 
setRefreshInterval for 9.2.x does indeed take milliseconds instead of seconds.

If there's a more appropriate place to post this question, please let me know. 
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