Hello everybody.

I need a guess if the issue below could come from Jetty.
We run a webapp (XWiki) at https://www.ow2.org

The application is reached through Apache as a reverse proxy.
Jetty is 9.4.6.v20170531 running on Debian (9.3)
JVM is 8u151-b12-1~deb9u1

The issue I observe from the xwiki perspective is detailed at:


As far as I understand, the specific content of the webapp at
https://www.ow2.org/resources/ is statically served by Jetty and opened
by XWiki through it. (I don't know how).

The issue we observe is as time goes on, many files - not all of them -
in the folder 'resources' above like
https://www.ow2.org/resources/js/xwiki/meta.js are opened more than 2
times by the java process and that number keeps increasing. We observe
that by running:

lsof -p 21948 | egrep '(REG|DIR)' | awk '{print $9'} | sort | uniq -c
|sort -n

XWiki support team says they haven't got any report of such a behavior

By the way we're also using http://www.tuckey.org/urlrewrite/ which is
installed as a JAR in the webapp and called via web.xml. The
configuration of the rewrite filter is as stated in

Unfortunately I can't disable the rewrite filter for testing purpose
right now as it would break URL schemes compatibility with URLs already
spread over the internet.

NB : The leak concerns *only* files in '/resources' which are expected
to be server statically (by Jetty in the current case).


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