By reading the political blogs and newspapers you would never know that
Brooklyn Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez lost most of the important
contested contests over the past few years. This year Lopez backed
Senator Martin Connors and lost. More importantly his power block of
voters in Williamsburg is clearly split, with the new Satmar faction
headed by Rabbi Glanz/UJCARE, followers of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum
winning over a third of the vote for Squadron. Connor received 90.86
percent of the Chassidic vote when he ran against Diamondstone two
years ago, but only 64.83 percent to Squadrons 35.17 percent on
Tuesday. Vito and his Williamsburg faction of Rabbi Niederman/UJO,
followers of Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum, no longer have the field all to
themselves. A bigger problem for Lopez with Connors defeat was that
Squadron is a Schumer backed candidate. Our senator has a long memory;
part of that remembrance is Lopez heading up Democrats for DAmato. Will
the emerging Schumer machine defeat Vitos smoke and mirrors operation?
The county leader also lost the only contested judicial race in
Brooklyn. Devin Cohen besides having a tax problem beat Vitos candidate
Roger Adler. Lopez also lost in the 40AD where Inez Barron beat his
candidate Earl Williams easy. In the boroughs other contested races,
Lopez were busy playing all the candidates in their private discussions
that- I am really with you game. Vito endorsed State Senator Parker the
winner, but also was involved in both of his opponents campaigns.
Councilman Stewart told election lawyer Mitch Alter that he would have
problems with Vito if he hired him or consultant Gary Tilzer. If you
look at the over half million dollars his other opponent Felder spent
you would see that most of them consisted of a lot of Vito supporters
and contributors. Since Vito supported Republicans in the past (DAmato,
Pataki and Giuliani) many in Brooklyn felt he was involved with the
effort against Malcolm Smith to split the black vote in the 21st Senate
District to elect Felder and to keep Republican control of the State
Senate. Even with the re-election of Parker and Silver there are signs
in the few competitive judicial races that occurred, that voters are
much more willing to vote against the machine. Despite the public
growing signs of disgust with their dysfunctional government, the
growing crime wave among their elected offices and most importantly the
dismal won/loss record of county leaders, 2009 citywide candidates seem
more and more willing to listen to the dictates of the county leaders
in efforts to get their support. Perhaps that says more about their
governing abilities and intelligence then they think. The 2007 victory
of now Surrogate Court Judge Johnson against Vitos machine, he only
beat her by less than 100 votes in his home district (53AD) is all but
forgotten. So was Surrogate Court Judge Lopez Torres victory against
the Brooklyn machine in 2005 in what can only be described as a
collective mental block by the 2009 mayoral, controller, public
advocate candidates and even the media. There has never been an
analysis by any of the press of how independent coalitions were put
together to block the machine for the first time in 100 years from the
Brooklyn Surrogates Court. It is time for the media to understand that
independent candidates and consultants give the voters a real voice
against the thugs in this town who control campaigns, elective and
party office. And it does not help that the line between the reform
clubs in Brooklyn and Vito judicial picks becomes increasingly more
blearily, as the clubs endorsed more and more of his judicial
candidates, ignoring the fact that while they might be good candidates
it is the political system of control which causes the corruption and
lack of reform. Perhaps Lopez should learn a lesson in control from the
Queens Democratic leaders, who buy off their endorsed candidates
opponents before the voters have a chance to go to the polls. Both
Senator Sabini and Assemblymen Lafayette got new jobs to make way for
this years parties endorsed candidates. After petitioning and getting
on the ballot, Baldeo who decided not to campaign in this year
primaries for a Senate seat, for which he received 49% of the vote two
years ago, had been in talks all summer with the leaders of the Queens
machine. Vito is not the only county leader who had a bad day on
Tuesday. In the opening battle of the racial charged Bronx Civil War
the Rainbow Revels defend the party organization and Chairman Jose
Rivera attacked on Assemblymen Heastie, Ruben Diaz Jr. and Michael
Benjamin by party-supported candidates. In addition, the Civil Court
candidate the revels backed, Liz Taylor, had a big win (54 percent)
against her challengers, Maria Matos (the party candidate) and Verena
Powell. In Manhattan the county organization lost all three of their
contested judicial races. Source

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