On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 06:40:04AM -0300, Ernesto A. Fernández wrote:
> Check that the group permission bits of a file are not altered when setfacl
> fails. At the time of this patch the test fails for at least ext2, ext4 and
> jfs. It is not run against reiserfs, since xfstests claims that "attrs are
> not supported by this filesystem type".

That's odd, as common/config explicitly turns on user xattrs:

                # acls & xattrs aren't turned on by default on reiserfs
                export MOUNT_OPTIONS="-o acl,user_xattr $REISERFS_MOUNT_OPTIONS"

> The failure to set acls is induced by filling the device, so to save time
> this should probably be run with a small TEST_DEV.

If you run it on the scratch fs instead of the test fs you can use
_scratch_mkfs_sized to hand craft a small fs, which would be nice
to get a decent runtime.

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