We have some new Ibm Aptiva computers with intel i740 video cards. JFW is
running with eloquence as the speech synth. These computer have 64mb ram
and are 233mhz machines. Eloquence is stuttering and pausing badly and
sometimes not reading at all. The sound card is a Creative pci 64 sound
blaster. Any ideas? I checked the video settings under win98and they are
set correctly. What could be the problem? I checked the HJ video card
compatibility guide with no success in finding metnion of an intel card. I
ran dr. Jaws and it told me that the card wasn't tested. We have no other
hardware synth options. We do not have sapi 4 drivers installed, althought
the machine is behaving as if it were installed. It is more of a breaking
up than a stuttering with long pauses between words and presses of keys and
responses. I was going to put flextalk on the machine and see if that
solved anything, but I wanted some advice from the people here who may have
used this configuration first. Thanks in advance.

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