Periodically, my system, which is Jaws 3.2 running on NT, starts with a loud
blast of white noise instead of the Eloquence synthesizer politely speaking
the messages.  The voice never starts, and every key press results in a
short blast of this white noise.  it sounds as if a radio is turned up to a
very high volume without being tuned to a station.

Sometimes just rebooting a second time will clear up the problem, but this
morning rebooting, and even cold booting didn't help.  I finally had to let
it sit for 2 hours, and then when I tried it again, almost on a whim, it
started right up as if nothing had ever been wrong.  I hate these kinds of
"sometimes yes, sometimes no" problems, because invariably the system
performs flawlessly when a systems technician is available.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?  Any suggestions on where to
begin with a diagnosis?

As always, your help will be deeply appreciated.

Thanks very much.

Jeffrey Turner
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