I have an offer to make. I always see you guys, especially David P, Bil,
some others have all these scripts that make their system work with ease as
apposed to say; me, who just uses the everyday stuff to make jfw work.
        I wonder since you have all these ready made scripts, that you wouldn't
mind emailing me privately to go over what you can do for someone like
myself as far as sharing your scripts, and we can talk. You know, talk!

        I'd love to have the same great accessability but don't either have the
time, nor interest in learning script usage. I'm not a computer guy, I am a
business man using a computer. there is a big difference.
        I would or could make things easier for my self if I had the same access
as some of you have with Jaws, but like I said, don't have the mind,
inclination and interest in learning scripts at this time in my life. I've
used Jaws for seven years now, but only have been using windows for less
then one year.

        I love jfw, and won't use any other screen reader.

Scott - The Raging Bass Man

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