You've really hit the point.  There's no legitimate reason for copying 
authorization keys except to be able to archive the authorization disk 
to protect the legitimate user from the risks and dangers inherent in 
floppy disks per se.  As to being sick of being told just what you can 
and can't do with something for which you've paid hundreds of dollars, I 
thoroughly agree with you.  What we need acorss the board is an 
end-users' bill of rights.  Perhaps some person or persons among us 
could undertake to draft such a bill of rights, and then mount a 
high-powered campaign to get it enacted by congress.  I also agree that 
if a CD-key system serves the needs of the greatest predator out there, 
it should be good enough for JH, and that would solve this whole matter 
from the standpoint of the paying customer.

>From: "Lisle, Teddy   (DMS) (CHRDMS1)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: RE: jfw authorization disk
>Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 10:33:17 -0500
>Actually, on-line is about the easiest method yet.  My only question
>about multiple copies is so what?  It goes without saying that you
>shouldn't go around giving it away to all your friends; many of us were
>raised better than that.  But I've had to use as many as three 
>copies anyway.  Besides, regardless of the wording of the license
>agreement concerning ownership, a lot of us are sick of being told what
>we can and can't do with legitimate copies of software.  If it works 
>a company as predatory as Microsoft, it should be good enough for
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