Mr. Meyers:

I hear you saying that anything HJ chooses to do, regardless of the 
effect it may have on paying end-users, is absolutely right, and that 
the end user has no right to any objections.  The last time I looked, 
which may have been years ago, since I'm almost 65, there was a caveat 
in the business world: "The customer is always right."  The day we get 
to the point where any corporation has the right to ignore the concerns 
of its customers, this nation can consider itself doomed, yes, and 

>From: David Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Re: jfw authorization disk
>Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 17:27:07 -0500
>Well said, Walt!  The key words in your post are "causing for 
>Evidently, HJ has legitimate business reasons for having the 
>system.   Anyone having the need for more than one authorization disk 
>do as you did and purchase a blank one from HJ and move some of the 
>onto it.  I know HJ has worked with some who have lost keys through 
>actions and issued resets.
>All the whining is getting old.  If one does not like the product, 
>they could demo before purchase, they could have went elsewhere for 
>screen reader and gotten one of the wonderful ones that HJ's 
>are pushing on this list.  .  
>At 04:04 PM 3/19/99 -0500 Walt Smith  Wrote:
>I don't understand what you're talking about ... two sets of keys?  Are 
>talking about a computer program or a mini-van?
>I simply do not understand, as I've said before, *why* people have all 
>problems they seem to have with keys.  I'm not questioning that they 
>have them ... that's painfully obvious ... but I started out with JAWS
>over a year ago, have moved it from system to system, upgraded from 3.0 
>3.2, etc., etc., and have never had the kinds of problems that people 
>to be capable of causing for themselves.  The only problems I've
>experienced were the result of my own lack of attention ... like 
>a partition without first moving the key back to the authorization 
>I know there are others who also haven't had these problems, so what's
>really going on here?
>I bought a second authorization disk with no keys on it just so I could
>keep one at home and one at work at all times for purposes of removing 
>key if necessary and this has proven to be a handy tool.  Since it's 
>provided as part of the base package, I fully expect to pay for 
>like this.  Can somebody, without resorting to hysterics or flaming,
>please tell me *why* this is such a difficult system to work with?
>Walt Smith - Raleigh, NC
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