Hi there,
I have had this happenn to me before!   its frustrating i no!  the thing is
have you got your drivers installed for the desplay adapter ok, this looks
like they are not being used at the moment!  you need the settings in the
desplay in the control panel set to 256 colours and 600 by 800 or 600 by
400 if these settings don't stay after you close down the conputer and
reboot then the drivers are not installed for the display adapter, go to
the control panel and go to add new hard ware and to the next button and
surch for the hardware yourself, arrow down to the desplay and tabb see if
your moddle is in this list and tabb when you have found it and put your
desplay cd in to the drive just incase you need it, this maybe on a floppy
of corse if so put this in and go to have disc, press enter, this should
then give you a choice of drivers on your cd rom, or floppy disc, make your
choice and tabb to the ok button and add the drivers!  shut down and
restart, go to the control panel again and reset the colours to 256, and
the screen reselution to 600 by 800 or 600 by 400 they should now stay on
the right setting when you restart the computer...  now go ahead and load

Hope this helps

Chris Cant..

At 16:15 19/03/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear listers
>    Have set up my New Dell 500 and installed Jaws 3.2. Video card is ATI
>Xpert 98. Jaws installation went well. Dr Jaws wanted to change Video from
>16 bit to 8 bit so I let Him. Authorization key was installed, and
>authorization manager says it is in place.
>When JFW starts up it says "Explorer cannot speak in restricted mode",
>"Kernel 32 illegal operation" "OK" or words to that effect. I have to shut
>down the machine to get out of the loop.
>Am I looking at installing the Windows 98 default drivers?
>Tom Civitello
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Chris Cant 

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