I am using one of these machines and it works very well.  JFW will change it
to 8 bit color instead of 16 and will change the display to 256 colors.
Very nice machine but a little heavy for a laptop.

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Hello Listers,
Below is a quote I was given from my local computer store for a laptop.  My
query is will JFW work with this laptop and if so what changes if any will I
need to make?
Thanks in advance,

IBM THINKPAD ("i" Series)

   Intel Pentium 300MHz MMX
   64MB RAM
   512KB L2 Cache
   4.3 GB Hard Disk Drive
   12.1" TFT Active Colour Screen
   Internal 56Kbps Data / Fax  Modem
   Internal 24 x CD-ROM & Floppy Drive
   Instant Audio CD Controls
   Windows 98 Operating system

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