My biggest frustration was this, 1 day, I definitely had a brain cramp
and attempted to partition my HD with the key in place, a stupid
mistake, I know, however, here is where the frustration came in.  I
went to my authorization disk to get another key, and, sometime during
the time the auth disk had been used last, a long time before, and that
day, the disk went bad. Well, it was a Friday afternoon, much to late
for me to do anything about it. Well, on Monday, I called HJ and
explained the problem, yes, they agreed to replace the auth disk,
however, since I needed it ASAP, I had them overnight it to me, well,
that cost $30 plus $10 for a replacement disk, it costs me $40, and, I
had to use the demo for 3 days.  If I could have had a second auth
disk, this would have never happened to me.  Ever since then, I have
really had  a problem with the current authorization system.

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999 15:01:02 EST, Charles Lott wrote:

>The reason HJ won't issue you a backup disk with your purchase is their 
>fear that you'll use the product on 10 instead of 5 computers...absurd, 
>of course, but try telling them that.

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