Scot, have you gone to the home page and looked to see what scripts
were available there?  I think, most people that write scripts that are
user-friendly, do post them.  Yes, I am sure, there are people that
have scripts that they would rather keep private, however, this is
probably due to there use on special custimized apps, or the fact they
are not user-friendly.  I have played around with some vary simple
scripts, however, I was to lazy to write adequit documentation, and,
the scripts were for doing things like reassigning keystrokes in an
application to ones that I prefer better.  Since this is the case, and,
since I encourage people to use the default keystrokes if they exist in
a given app, then, I wouldn't post them!

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999 12:14:44 -0800, scott fischer wrote:
>       I have an offer to make. I always see you guys, especially David P, Bil,
>some others have all these scripts that make their system work with ease as
>apposed to say; me, who just uses the everyday stuff to make jfw work.
>       I wonder since you have all these ready made scripts, that you wouldn't
>mind emailing me privately to go over what you can do for someone like
>myself as far as sharing your scripts, and we can talk. You know, talk!
>       I'd love to have the same great accessability but don't either have the
>time, nor interest in learning script usage. I'm not a computer guy, I am a
>business man using a computer. there is a big difference.

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