I have obtained permission to make the following announcement for the
benefit of blind persons wishing to download Microsoft Internet Explorer
version 5, as released last Thursday.

My ISP, Vector Internet Services, is making the whole package available
for download at the following address:


WARNING:  This is the whole package, all 69 megabytes of it!  I estimate
download time at four hours at 56K (really 53K), six hours at 33.6 K, and
seven hours at 28.8 KBPS.  If you are only making one installation, you
only need part of the package, or you have a slow Internet connection, you
might want to consider waiting for the Microsoft servers to become less
overloaded.  However, for people with fast connections and certainly
people who need to install IE5 on more than one machine, this is a nice
alternative.  Note that other ISPs are offering this service as well;
you may find there is a closer source than this.  Vector Internet
Services is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

IE5 is expected to stay at the above address for about two weeks, after
which there are no guarantees. I, and the staff at Vector, would
appreciate if this site be used only by Vector customers and other blind
people or people installing the package for use by blind people.  Vector
has no intention of becoming a secondary Microsoft distribution point. <g>

To use the file provided by Vector, you must download it and then unzip it
with Winzip or an equivalent utility.  I used the old DOS PKUNZIP 2.04G,
which worked but gave error messages about being unable to create
directories (which is odd, since it went right on ahead and created them).
If your version of Unzip does not automatically create directories while
unzipping, tell it to do so, because there are subdirectories in the file.
The syntax with PKUNZIP is as follows:

    pkunzip -d msie5

All files actually unpack into their own subdirectory, so you can run your
Unzipper from the root of a drive without fear of clutter.

Once you unpack the file, run the resulting SETUP.EXE program from the
directory in which it landed.  The whole installation will proceed from
there, and your machine will not need to contact any Microsoft server in
the process.

I hope this is helpful to some.  Thanks to Vector Internet Services for
making the file available and for giving me permission to share its
availability for a while.  I consider Vector to be a top-notch local ISP
for a variety of reasons, this being just one--but I'll save the
advertising. <g>

Doug Lee, Computer Instructor
BLIND, Inc. (Blindness:  Learning In New Dimensions)

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