Hi there.
I should have been a little more specific about this.
authman (or hjauth or whatever) could be easily modified to do the web access bit for 
you (there are enough windows calls to do this)
and assuming your windows system was set up to be able to access the net,
with the appropriate password entered, authman could contact the hj web site,
download the executable (compiled when needed by a cgi script on the hj website) and 
run it.
For an example of a similar (but not particularly intuitive) way of doing this, see 
the omnipage registration system
Which will register itself by phone or web.
On Sun, Mar 21, 1999 at 09:47:27AM +1200, Simon F wrote:
> this is good stuff but just one thing, how do you navagate the web if you
> can't hear jfw because the machine you use for net access has it's
> authorisation removed each time you leave to stop others screwing things up
> with it.
Visit the jfw ml web page: http://jfw.cjb.net

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