Somebody sent me the HAPPY99 virus the other day and, dutifully, NAV
Version 5 alerted me as to its existence and whereabouts, but in a way
I wasn't used to.  For about an hour, I was going into a directory on
one of my drives, and when I hit the ENTER key to go into that
directory, my PC speaker made this fweefweefweep sound, and speech
stopped!  Of course, I had no idea what was going on, I pressed the
space bar, and everything reacted normally once again.  I finally
decided that maybe I *DID* have a virus of some kind that I'd
inadvertantly not scanned for, so I ran a scan of the drive containing
the directory that was giving me the funny noise when I entered it.
Sure'nuf, there was the HAPPY99 virus sitting there, and I instructed
NAV to put it in quarantine and then I deleted it and the noise went

The point here is, has anybody else experienced this silence when you
enter a directory that contains an infected file in NAV 5?

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