Hi, Teresa.  No need to dispair, the scripts for the IE beta that are on the
JFW mailing list web site should help you get things up and running.  Go to
www.jfw.cjb.net and choose the link for JAWS scripts, at least that's where
they were the last time I checked.  Copy all into the c:\jfw32\settings\enu
directory and you should be all set.

    E-mail me privately if I can help further.

=Beth Hatch-Alleyne=
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From: Teresa Cochran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Date: Saturday, March 20, 1999 5:15 AM
Subject: JFW and IE/Outlook Express 5--NOT!!!

>Woe, woe, woe is me!  I eagerly (and irreparably, it seems) downloaded and
>installed IE and Outlook Express 5, and lo and behold: no JFW scripts!  I
>can read the message and browser windows with moderate difficulty using the
>JAWS cursor.  I've learned a slightly disasterous lesson--I shouldn't
>install an upgrade that isn't compatible with JFW.  Ouch!
>I would appreciate some pointers, here, someone?
>Thanks muchly,
>Teresa Cochran
>ICQ Number (UIN):  30,451,691
>Visit the jfw ml web page: http://jfw.cjb.net

Visit the jfw ml web page: http://jfw.cjb.net

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