Hi Ivan,

If you open an e-mail which carries an attachment and you want to access the
attached file,

1.  Once in the body of your mail, route jaws cursor to pc.

Press the numeric pad number eight once.

3.  Holding down control key then proceed to press the numeric keypad number
6 key until you hear it speak a graphic number which will be your attached

4.  to view a list of the files, just right click on the first graphic with
the jaws cusor, arrow up to view then right arrow to list and press enter

Now when you arrow down through the attachments you will hear their file
names spoken.

One more thing, the reason when you do (insert a) and it can't see
attachments is perhaps your outlok screen needs to be maxmised, (alt space
bar) and arrow to maximise, then try out the insert a command again.


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