Hi to all,

Yes, Les, I also may give it a go as others on the List seem happy enough
with the Beta scripts, even though HJ doesn't officially support it yet.

I am a little confused though at the many SETUP versions that appear to be
out there.  Some report that they have had to download a very lengthy file,
whilst others have gone to other sites and received comparatively small
downloads.  They all seem to be called IE5SETUP too.

If anyone can shed any light on this I'd be grateful to know.

Carol Pearson

At 13:27 21/03/99 -0500, Les Kriegler wrote:
>Hi George,
>I believe you have to be on a frame for the insert-f9 command to work.  I
>use it on Citibank's web site to quickly sign-in, which saves me a few
>keystrokes.  Anyway, my thanks to you and everybody else who has responded.
> I may decide to download IE5 even though JFW does not officially support
>it yet.
>Best Regards,
>Visit the jfw ml web page: http://jfw.cjb.net

Visit the jfw ml web page: http://jfw.cjb.net

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