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>Why ;is it that Henter-Joyce includes no information about home-row in its
>support material?
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>>Dear Beautiful People;
>>There seems to be a concensus in seeking information about insert space
>which turns the home row feature on or off.=A0 Here is my best explanation.
>>The Homerow feature remaps the keyboard, and allows users to have an entire
>second set of keystrokes to use for scripts.=A0 likewise, when the Homerow
>feature is active, the up and down arrow keys move the Ansi character
>settings, and the left and right arrow keys increase or decrease the number
>of pixels the JAWS cursor is moved, with the Shift+Alt+Arrow keys that move
>the mouse.
>>So basically, insert plus the space bar holds no significance to everyday
>activities.=A0 It exists for those who write scripts for personal use or
>professional use.
>>I hope my explanation was sufficient.=A0 If it is not, write to me privately,
>and I'll try to give it another shot for you.=A0 God Bless all of you.
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