When you download the setup file, are you asked questions about any of it
that you don't want.  I don't want outlook explorer since I am using eudora.
At 05:00 PM 3/22/99 -0600, Dan roy wrote:
>Carol and List Members:
>This had me going as well, now, after I thought about it there is some
>logic to it!
>when you use the default setup file that you download directly from MS,
>some assumptions are made, the biggest 1 is that your using English. 
>The full install, 69MB gives you support for 7 or 8 different
>languages.  Also, there are a bunch of development tools for both VB
>and Java.   If you take all of that, or at least most of it out of the
>equation, you get down to 24MB.  Now, if you already have the latest
>mediaPlayer and you don't care about all the outlook stuff, you can get
>that down to about 7MB.  Also, there are some versions of IE which have
>ben customized for the particular provider, and or search utility.  I
>am sure they will work OK, however, I would stay away from that stuff,
>and this is just my opinion, I don't think we as access technology
>users, want anything other than the 1 provided by MS, this could cause
>support issues now or down the road!
> If a person has Windows 98, what I suggest is to get the minamum
>download, which is basically just the browser, about 7MB, then, later,
>you can always go to the Windows update sight and add any other
>components you desire.  If your using 95, then, it might be easier to
>be patient and try to get all the components you want all at once. 
>sometimes, it is hard hunting down the proper links on the MS sight!
>On Sun, 21 Mar 1999 22:37:16 +0000, Carol Pearson wrote:
>>I am a little confused though at the many SETUP versions that appear to be
>>out there.  Some report that they have had to download a very lengthy file,
>>whilst others have gone to other sites and received comparatively small
>>downloads.  They all seem to be called IE5SETUP too.
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