2015/7/20 4:42 -0700, alan.bate...@oracle.com:
> On 18/07/2015 14:34, Richard Warburton wrote:
>> In his talk at Devoxx UK Mark Reinhold demo'd a command that allows the
>> addition of custom exports for existing modules. So you can ask the module
>> system to enable external access to a specific internal API. I can't for
>> the life of me find any documentation about, any mention of in other talks,
>> and the Devoxx UK videos haven't been released yet. I also can't find a
>> copy of the slidedeck online anywhere. Does anyone have any information
>> about controlling exports?
> The module system isn't in JDK 9 yet so there isn't any documentation to 
> point at just yet. We hope to start doing early access builds very soon 
> with a proposed design/implementation that will allow for discussion. 
> The get out of jail free card is currently named -XaddExport and I 
> assume this is what Mark had in the slide.

Yes, that's the option I showed in the demo (it wasn't in the slides).

- Mark

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