On 18/10/2016 15:52, Andrew Guibert wrote:


So my question is:
Is there a list of removed/internalized classes for java 9 anywhere?  I
would like to use this list to grep my codebase for soft references.

I don't think there is a list anywhere. Also it would be a moving target because there are classes added/removed/renamed in sun.** and jdk.** every week.

One thing that might help is to get a list of the JDK-internal packages in your current build. Here's one way to create this:

            .map(md -> {
                Set<String> packages = new HashSet<>(md.packages());
                    .filter(e -> !e.isQualified())
.map(Exports::source).forEach(pn -> packages.remove(pn));
                return packages;

Alternatively you can specify all modules to `java --list-modules` and filter out the unqualified exports.


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