// one/p/
package p;
public class C {}

// one/
module one {}

// two/q/
package q;
import p.C;
public class D {}

// two/
module two {}

javac only needs a --add-exports to accept the code

$ javac9 -d bin --module-source-path . --add-exports one/p=two  $(find one two 
-name \*.java)

According to latest in JEP 261 this should not work without any form of 

Which is correct, javac or JEP?

It has been discussed elsewhere that the JEP ("Updated     2017/03/08 13:58")
may be lagging behind. It, e.g., has no mention of --add-opens.
Is there a newer document specifying these things?

Additionally, I'm surprised to see that javac documentation mentions
--add-exports et al under the heading "Extra Options for javac"
*not* "Standard Options for javac".


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