On 04/02/2018 13:31, Mark Raynsford wrote:

I'm working on a problem that would seem to require accessing a
(large) resource included inside a module in random manner. More
specifically, I have some large audio resources inside a module and
need to be able to get something analogous to a SeekableByteChannel
for a given resource so that I can stream the audio and seek

I could unpack the resources to the filesystem, but I'd prefer not to
do this (because that would then mean I'm using double the amount of

Is there some way to get access to a module resource as a
SeekableByteChannel in the standard library?

The only support for random access is in the ModuleReader API where the read method returns a ByteBuffer containing the resource. This is very efficient for resources in modules that are linked into the runtime image as it's essentially a slice of a memory mapped region. It's not efficient for modules that are packaged as JAR files as random access poses challenges there (esp. when entries in JAR file are compressed).


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