No matter what I do, there's always one document I didn't look at. :/

As usual, thank you very much!

On 11.02.2018 21:48, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 11/02/2018 15:31, Nicolai Parlog wrote:
>> :
>> I interpreted this to mean that, without registering services, named
>> modules can only load bundles from themselves. But in my experiments I
>> could also load resource bundles from other modules as long as the
>> package containing them was open.
>> Did I make a mistake? Did I misinterpret the Javadoc? Is that behavior
>> buggy?
> The behavior is correct but isn't clearly covered in the Java SE 9
> javadoc. Mandy has improved the javadoc for Java SE 10 [1] so it's much
> clearer and covers all the scenarios.
> -Alan
> [1]


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