On 13/04/2018 13:16, Doug Simon wrote:
I just noticed that in the jdk.internal.vm.compiler module descriptor source 
there is a `uses` clause for CompilerConfigurationFactory[1] but no `provides` 
clause for the CoreCompilerConfigurationFactory provider[2] which is in the 
same module. However, `java -d jdk.internal.vm.compiler | grep Core` shows me 
the provider clause exists in the binary module descriptor. Is this done 
auto-magically by javac when building the module? If not, is it in the make 
files somewhere? I'm asking because there are new service providers being added 
in Graal.

The build for that module is complex as it runs an annotation processor and generates a module-info.java.extra (see support/gensrc/jdk.internal.vm.compiler/ in the build output) that is merged with the module-info.java before it is compiled. So no javac magic.


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