On 13/04/2018 5:12 PM, Doug Simon wrote:

On 13 Apr 2018, at 07:15, David Holmes <david.hol...@oracle.com> wrote:

Hi Doug,

Not a review. :) Just wondering what HotSpotRuntimeMBean has to do with this ???

These are the non-Graal code base changes needed to move the bean out of the 
jdk.internal.vm.compiler module. The rest of the changes will come in the next 
Graal update. If you'd like, I can defer pushing these changes until the Graal 
changes land on github so that the complete change can be reviewed.

So we seem to have both HotSpotRuntimeMBean and HotspotRuntimeMBean (note small 's') defined in the source code! That seems to be a bad thing to me! I was wondering what this had to do with the small 's' HotspotRuntimeMBean - and the answer seems to be "nothing"!



On 13/04/2018 4:24 AM, Doug Simon wrote:
Please review this change that removes the existing Graal service provider for 
hooking into the Platform MBean Server and makes 
jdk.internal.vm.compiler.management an upgradeable module.
Please refer to 
 for discussion on the latter point.
The Graal changes that dynamically register an MBean for accessing Graal will 
be part of a subsequent Graal update.

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