Kowshik Prakasam created KAFKA-10026:

             Summary: KIP-584: Implement read path for versioning scheme for 
                 Key: KAFKA-10026
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-10026
             Project: Kafka
          Issue Type: New Feature
            Reporter: Kowshik Prakasam

Goal is to implement various classes and integration for the read path of the 
feature versioning system 
 The ultimate plan is that the cluster-wide *finalized* features information is 
going to be stored in ZK under the node {{/feature}}. The read path implemented 
in this PR is centered around reading this *finalized* features information 
from ZK, and, processing it inside the Broker.


Here is a summary of what's needed for this Jira (a lot of it is *new* classes):
 * A facility is provided in the broker to declare it's supported features, and 
advertise it's supported features via it's own {{BrokerIdZNode}} under a 
{{features}} key.
 * A facility is provided in the broker to listen to and propagate cluster-wide 
*finalized* feature changes from ZK.
 * When new *finalized* features are read from ZK, feature incompatibilities 
are detected by comparing against the broker's own supported features.
 * {{ApiVersionsResponse}} is now served containing supported and finalized 
feature information (using the newly added tagged fields).

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