vvcephei commented on a change in pull request #8696:
URL: https://github.com/apache/kafka/pull/8696#discussion_r429346085

File path: 
@@ -57,14 +59,42 @@ public boolean assign(final Map<UUID, ClientState> clients,
-        final boolean probingRebalanceNeeded = assignTaskMovements(
-            tasksToCaughtUpClients(statefulTasks, clientStates, 
+        final AtomicInteger remainingWarmupReplicas = new 
+        final Map<TaskId, SortedSet<UUID>> tasksToCaughtUpClients = 
+            statefulTasks,
+            clientStates,
+            configs.acceptableRecoveryLag
+        );
+        // We temporarily need to know which standby tasks were intended as 
+        // for active tasks, so that we don't move them (again) when we plan 
+        // task movements. We can then immediately treat warmups exactly the 
same as
+        // hot-standby replicas, so we just track it right here as metadata, 
+        // than add "warmup" assignments to ClientState, for example.
+        final Map<UUID, Set<TaskId>> warmups = new TreeMap<>();
+        final int neededActiveTaskMovements = assignActiveTaskMovements(
+            tasksToCaughtUpClients,
-            configs.maxWarmupReplicas
+            warmups,
+            remainingWarmupReplicas
+        );
+        final int neededStandbyTaskMovements = assignStandbyTaskMovements(
+            tasksToCaughtUpClients,
+            clientStates,
+            remainingWarmupReplicas,
+            warmups
         assignStatelessActiveTasks(clientStates, diff(TreeSet::new, 
allTaskIds, statefulTasks));
+        // We shouldn't plan a probing rebalance if we _needed_ task 
movements, but couldn't do any
+        // due to being configured for no warmups.

Review comment:
       Yeah, I've just realized this, too. And upon second consideration, I 
don't think the warmup=0 really provides a good mechanism for what I was 
thinking of. I think we'd better leave it as "at least one". Thanks!

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